About Us

PracticeProtection is dentist-owned and directed and was founded by dentists, dental industry experts and insurance professionals. PracticeProtection was created to provide the ultimate solution for the protection of America’s dental professionals and their practices. PracticeProtection offers its policies directly to dental professionals and our philosophy and disciplined underwriting leads to less risk and fewer claims, creates better financial results, and allows us to provide lower rates and consistent pricing.

Our Mission:

PracticeProtection’s mission is to prevent, protect and reward its members by providing unsurpassed protection at an industry-leading value through a team of dedicated experts.


PracticeProtection is dedicated to prevention by providing risk management services to its members through partnerships as well as numerous benefits such as:

  • Continuing education services
  • Practice risk assessments
  • Risk management training and services
  • Compliance training (HIPPA, OSHA, etc…)
  • Practice management resources
  • Access to various partner products and services such as medical supplies & equipment
  • Exclusive access to its healthcare professional liability insurance program

We are dedicated to providing education that is both relevant and engaging for participants in their lifelong learning efforts and risk management services that will help you avoid as many malpractice cases as possible.

Additionally, every physician has a unique practice. Through our unique and easy application process, we work directly with you to understand what coverages you and your practice need. This ensures that you get the exact coverage you need in your specific practice situation and do not pay for unnecessary coverage.


PracticeProtection is committed to vigorously fight each and every lawsuit that is filed against its members. Should you ever face a claim or potential claim, you will be assigned your own claim adviser who will assist and guide you throughout the entire claims process. We are your ally and understand that we are not only defending your claim, but we are defending your reputation and livelihood.

We adhere to a proactive claims approach so you focus on the practice of dentistry and we can reduce unnecessary defense costs which are hidden in the premium of other carriers. When you report a claim or potential claim against you, our experienced claims professionals will return your inquiry promptly and work with you to better understand all facets of the matter, obtain all the necessary facts, and set out a concise plan of action.

Our experienced claims professionals utilize a collaborative approach to create the most effective strategies to resolve your claim. Your claims adviser will work closely with you, a local expert healthcare malpractice defense attorney, and our Board of Dental Advisors as a team so that we can effectively anticipate and resolve most key claim and litigation issues by using sound strategies to obtain the best possible case outcome.


You need protection now and in the future and need a partner that will be there. Your reputation is your most valuable asset and having the right insurer to help you increase your control over that reputation is more important than ever. Your ownership helps ensure that PracticeProtection functions in the best interests of members and organized dentistry.

PracticeProtection is focused on protecting and serving dental professionals that have safe and careful practices. The insurance industry generally lumps dentists together in risk pools with other healthcare professionals in high-risk classes which results in penalizing low risk providers with higher premiums and little to no service. PracticeProtection does just the opposite as it seeks out the low risk practices and rewards them with fair premiums and focused and personal service.

Because we limit our client base to select practices, we are able to provide superior protection to your practice and can create savings that are 20% or more below competitor rates. Our direct philosophy and disciplined underwriting leads to less risk and fewer claims, creates better financial results, and allows us to provide lower rates and consistent pricing.

PracticeProtection is dentist-owned and directed and operating profits are retained and/or returned to members as dividends.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team comprises industry experts with decades of experience and expertise, resulting in the unmatched value, superior service and aggressive defense our members have to expect.

Timothy R. Bone Vice President of Claims

W. Saunders Bliss Vice President & General Counsel

Michael Wallace President & CEO

Eric Stetzel Executive Chairman & Chief Strategic Officer

Eric Stine Executive Vice President & Director

Cory Brown Director

Steven P. Ellinwood, DDS Director

Mark R. Stetzel, DDS Director

Michael T. Smith, DDS Director

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