Eric Stetzel, Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of PracticeProtection, is the dental supplier who founded Panoramic Corporation and pioneered putting whole-mouth x-ray machines in dental offices in the 1980’s and 90’s. Panoramic placed its machines in dental practices with no up-front cost and dentists were charged only a modest fee per x-ray. This opened an important and untapped income stream for all the participating dentists. Everyone benefited from the Panoramic program: the patients, the dentists and Panoramic, which has dominated the dental x-ray market ever since the 1990’s. Panoramic does not rely on third-party distributors to sell its products; rather, it markets directly to dental practices around the country, which results in cost-effective products and superior service.

Michael J. Wallace, Founder and President & CEO of PracticeProtection, is the insurance expert who founded MedMal Direct Insurance Company and served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. MedMal Direct operates in 12 states, from the Southeast to the Midwest, and is the largest direct physician medical malpractice insurance company in the country. MedMal Direct has a direct-to-consumer model that has helped to improve the bottom line for thousands of physician practices as well as create a great long-term relationship with its clients.