New Dentist Program

Recognizing that new dentists have a lot on their plate, such as establishing a patient base, building a new practice, or paying off student loans, PracticeProtection wants to help make sure that professional liability insurance is not something you need to worry about.


Dental malpractice insurance is an important coverage to protect careers in dentistry. PracticeProtection’s mission is be to Prevent, Protect and Reward its members by providing unsurpassed protection at an industry-leading value through a team of dedicated experts.


To that end, new dentists who sign up with PracticeProtection will receive one year of dental professional liability coverage at no cost.


How it works: The cost of coverage for a twelve-month policy from PracticeProtection Insurance Company (a Risk Retention Group) for qualified applicants is covered by PracticeProtection Association of America, Inc. A qualified applicant is someone who: graduated from an accredited U.S. or Canadian dental school or complete an accredited U.S. or Canadian dentistry residency program within the 12-month period prior to obtaining coverage; is entering their first year of licensed dental practice in a U.S. state in which PracticeProtection is registered; and subscribes as a shareholder member of PracticeProtection Association of America, Inc. Please note: There is a required one-time $10 capital contribution. However, the capital contribution for new dentists will be deferred until the first policy renewal.

First Year Dentist Application

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Paper Application

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