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93% of cases have been closed without settlement or going to trial

DDI Insurance far surpasses its competitors in coverage and service. Handling policyholders’ medical malpractice liability claims is no exception. We respond promptly to each incident report and work closely with you to assign defense counsel and resolve the matter. Our goal is to relieve the inevitable stress that occurs during a claim resolution process. Should you ever face a claim, you will be assigned your own claim specialist who will assist and guide you throughout the entire process.

Unique Claims Structure

We view ourselves as your allies in your fight against all claims.
We understand that we are not only defending your claim, but your reputation and livelihood.

We pride ourselves on aggressive claims defense and our low indemnity frequency.
When a claim arises, you are immediately assigned a specialist who is available to you throughout the process.

Claims moved to resolution rapidly.

Notify DDI Immediately if Any of the Following Occur:

Prepare to Submit Your Claim:

Report A Claim

We are here to help!
Claims Specialists are available to speak with you and ready to help regardless of what has happened.

Direct Number: 888-217-2779

Claims FAQ

Not with DDI. Proactively reporting an adverse event or outcome to PracticeProtection is without consequence. We will determine whether to open a file and assign an attorney to your defense based on the seriousness of the event. The advice of our team of attorneys or risk management experts may help you avoid a lawsuit. However, 90% of reported incidents never turn into claims, and DDI does not consider incidents when determining whether to renew a physician’s coverage.

The DDI Company claims team has over 40 years of experience in handling thousands of medical malpractice claims. We are very familiar with the law firms who have specialized over the decades in representing physicians in this type of litigation. Rather than using a defined list of attorneys to whom we limit ourselves, we prefer to customize the defense team for each and every claim and wish to have your input on who is the best defense attorney for you in your particular case. In all cases however, you can rest assured that you will have the optimum defense team.

DDI employs a team of claims professionals and has an outstanding panel of qualified defense lawyers.

You can report a claim 24 hours a day. Call 888-217-2779 or email

Yes, aggressively!

Yes. Claims Free Discounts are provided based on the number of years you have not been involved in a claim or lawsuit. This discount may be combined with other discounts.

Discover the service and protection your practice deserves.

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