Why Doctors Direct Insurance?


Affordable, Accessible, and
Customized to Your Needs

Customized Policies

As the only majority physician-owned writer of malpractice insurance in Illinois, we can offer you insurance policies tailored to your unique situation and exposure.

Through our unique and easy application process, we work directly with you to understand what coverages you and your practice need. This ensures that you do not pay for unnecessary coverage and that you save money by receiving the maximum discounts available.

Significant Savings

DDI offers you the most comprehensive coverage at the best price. We extend the best rate you qualify for at the onset. At DDI you can secure coverage immediately at savings up to 20%, sometimes higher.

A Culture of Service

Excellent service is our standard. We are here to serve you and are available when you need us, day or night. All we do is insure and protect physicians and medical practices.

A Legacy of Success

Just as you value the health of your patients, we value the health of our company. We pride ourselves on our extremely high customer retention rate. We are selective about who we insure and aggressive in our claims defense.

Unique Claims Structure

We view ourselves as allies in your fight against all claims. We understand that we are not only defending your claim, but your reputation and livelihood. We pride ourselves on aggressive quick claims defense and our low indemnity frequency. When a claim arises, you are immediately assigned an expert who is available to you throughout the process.

Peace of Mind

As a physician, you can rest assured that your interests are first and foremost with our company. We are a majority physician-owned company with a physician-filled Board of Directors. We are fully admitted, regulated and licensed in the states that we operate in.




I go with DDI because I know I can get them on the phone when I need them. It’s personal, connected coverage, and they assess our needs as individual doctors. It’s assuring to know I’m not doing this on my own.

Daniel Ivankovich, M.D.

OnePatient Global Health Initiative

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