Risk management should be practiced every day throughout a dentist’s practice to prevent medical malpractice insurance claims. PracticeProtection is dedicated to preventative protection and provides numerous free and discounted preventative protection member benefits such as:

  • Continuing education services
  • Practice risk assessments
  • Risk management training and services
  • Compliance training (HIPAA, OSHA, etc…)
  • Practice management resources
  • Access to various partner products and services, such as medical supplies & equipment

Risk management is important to the success of PracticeProtection and our team is trained in handling a wide range of patient/dentist problems. A direct line is set up for the dentists to call to obtain advice on how to handle potential incidents before they become claims. Emphasis is placed on good communication with patients to avoid misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations. The importance of good documentation of treatment plans and procedures is stressed, including comprehensive informed consent discussions with patients.

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