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Why do you use the insurance carrier that you do?  Like many dental professionals, you might have had the same malpractice carrier since dental school, perhaps because it was the carrier your colleagues or supervisors were using.  You may have been told it was the only option.  Have you looked at any other options since then?  Do you know what you should really be paying?

Most malpractice carriers do not focus on dentists and do not understand the low risk involved.  Some do not even give discounts for part-time or quarter-time status.

At PracticeProtection, we take a different view of the risk involved in insuring dental professionals and are on average able to offer discounts 22%* below the competition.  Additionally, we take a look at your practice profile as a whole, and if you are not working full time or are not perfoming risky procedures, we do not charge for it.

All of this we do while providing superior service and defense to any of our competitors.

Apply today or call us, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes.


*Savings data represents information for dentists who became new policyholders with PracticeProtection between 3/1/2018 and 3/1/2019.  Individual savings may vary based on a variety of factors, including location, education, experience, and past losses.  Any compared rates have similar benefits.

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